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Photos for Amazon

In this link you have ourrates generals, but first I highly recommend you read this.

If you have reached this page, it is because you sell products on Amazon, or you are planning to do so and wanthave good photos so that your product looks impeccable.

On the website you will find a multitude of information about how product photos for Amazon should be,  I required themcoughs that must be fulfilled, etc..

All isThis information is very generic, which, although necessary, does not determine that it is sufficient and canwork with your particular product.

Make professional photography and video productions can be very expensive especially if it has not been well planned, so for evitar about costs and unforeseen events,  the first thing is make aspecific composition guide for your product,

A composition guide is a document where absolutely everything is clearly specified and defined, the shooting angle, the placement of the product and the elements within the frame, the information to include, the texts, icons, what type of images in addition to those of white background, lifestyle, uses, measurements, technical characteristics, if it is necessary to integrate the product in real scenarios, if it is necessary to show it with hands, etc.

This document will not only serve as a guide when making the production.ion but forensure that the final result meetsto your goals.


It will also serve to analyze your competition and po be able to make an objective assessment if it is possible to take the desired photos within a reasonable budget

Our Advice

Our advice is personalized for each product and focuses on a visual level, that is, on how it should be presented for sale through photographs, videos, and infographics, so that yourproduct stands out from your competition,Inform customers of its most relevant features and benefits and reduce returns.




1-TOAnalyze what your competition is doing visual level, find out whatand it's himor what Is it working for them and why?To determine what will be shown in each of the photographs, infograffias and/or videos and be able todetermine the objective of each composition

2- Examine your product and its characteristics, uses, applications, manufacturing materials, etc., tohighlight its most relevant qualities.

3- ddevelop a personalized proposalthrough a specific composition guide for your product.  You can review this document to add or modify what you deem appropriate. You have the last word, since you are the one who knows your product best.

4- Determine whats most suitable shooting angles for your product, the type of lighting, assess whether it is appropriate to show it with hands, or atany element of decoration or props.

5- Search and selection of the most suitable library images for your product. Not all photos are valid, that's why we choosethetopimages where your product will look perfectly integrated, depending on the type of lighting of the scene, the perspective, the decoration etc

6- I love youwe help writear the texts and copies that are going to be included in each composition so that they are direct and concise with the most relevant information for the client.

7- Assess if it would be relevantinclude a video in your product listing in particular and in that case, what type of video would be appropriate, Unboxing type (showing the content of the shipment) Show-me type (Showing the characteristics and operation) spot type (For advertisement), 360º Video.

At FotoPro Studio we create photographycredits and videos for Amazon since 2017, If you want to receive personalized advice for your product, do not hesitate to contact us.


Photo rates for Amazon

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