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Beauty model with original lighting

Creative Photographs

To create any type ofcreative content, Whether in the form of photographs or video, it is necessary to start the so-called creative process, which consists of developing ideas and concepts and defining the procedure to carry them out in order to satisfy a certain purpose.


In our creative works theart direction is responsible for coordinating this process in an efficient and organized way.

What is art direction?

Starting from the Brief, we observe and study the context of our clients. We design  a proposal adapted to your needs and budget.


Ideas, sketches are generated and graphic and audiovisual material is provided so that the client can have visual references and contribute their vision.


In this phase we also determine what resources are necessary to carry out the project, both materials, props, costumes, background, location as well as human resources and/or talents.

Model's face with pendant and music headphones photographed in professional studio with original lighting
Gift with photographs of models taken in a studio with creative lighting
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